Resigned Former Defense Contractor and Iraq War Vet to Explore Veteran Suicide in New Documentary

“When You Leave the Battlefield, it doesn’t Mean You Leave the War.”

That’s the tagline for the new documentary film titled “Back from Hell: The War at Home” being produced by Brandon Toy. Toy is an Iraq War veteran who recently publicly resigned from his position at defense contractor General Dynamics in protest of US foreign and domestic human and civil rights violations.

The full-length feature film will take an in-depth look at this new generation of post-9/11 veterans and the struggles they face. It will explore major veterans issues such as veteran suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the Veteran Administration benefits backlog.

You can find out more about the video, and watch the trailer at

Toy has launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds to get production started. Kickstarter is a crowd funding sight where supporters pledge smaller amounts of money (the most common is $25 and the average is $70) towards a larger goal and receive rewards in exchange. The rewards for this project range from a DVD of the completed film to tickets to the world premiere.

Toy is also looking for veterans with interesting post-9/11 experiences who want to participate in the film by sharing their stories. He is specifically looking for anyone that has footage from their time in service that can be used to enhance their story and the film. Toy can be contacted at

Toy’s resignation letter as an Engineering Project Manager at General Dynamics, manufacturer of the Abrams tank and the world’s fourth largest defense contractor, went viral after being published by progressive news outlet Toy sent the letter to the entire company, including the corporate chain-of-command, and a handful of media outlets.