Fireplace Remodeling Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

A fireplace is a feature of a home that adds value and comfort to it. People add fireplaces to their homes to help them reduce their heating costs. If you have a fireplace that is old, you can always go in for changes and use some of the fireplace remodeling ideas given here. A fireplace facelift can be a project that you undertake over the weekend, or you can go in for a complete renovation that will transform your home.
Most fireplaces have brick or stone, especially if your home is an old one. These fireplaces can still maintain their rustic charm, but in case you do want to renovate it, you can add tiles as one of the fireplace remodeling ideas. Put the tiles on the existing surface so that your fireplace will look like new, even though you may not have spent a lot of money on the remodeling. You can also completely remove the existing brick or stone and go in for a thorough resurfacing of the fireplace. This project may cost you a little more, and also be a lot messier, as the old structure will have to be carefully dismantled and the new materials put in. Make sure that you use mortars and adhesives that are meant to bear the heat. Otherwise, you may find your new stone or other material falling off.
Fireplace remodeling ideas will naturally have you looking at the possibility of completely replacing the wood or coal burning fireplace, with a more modern gas-burning one. This fireplace will also be more friendly to the environment and cleaner to operate as you will not have to worry about removing ashes and cleaning grates.
A fireplace can often be the focal point in the interiors of a room, and what can be more attractive than having a fireplace made of marble, granite or limestone to decorate your home. You can go in for carvings and other features that can add to this architectural aspect in your home. A custom limestone tile fireplace will also be easier to clean, and can act as places where you can keep mementos and other things that you want to display.
One idea for remodeling that can make for a weekend project is painting over the existing surface of your fireplace to give it a new look. You will need to make sure that the existing surfaces are in a good state of repair, and do any patchwork if so needed. Give the repairs some time to cure and become strong, before you take up any repainting. The paint you use must be of the type that can stand high temperatures as otherwise it will flake off, and leave you with a patchy looking fireplace. Instead of painting, you can also apply some natural clay plasters that can allow you to finish the surfaces in a variety of ways. Take the proper advice on the clay or plaster that you use, so that it is suitable for fireplaces. You can also put on stencils or other decoration as part of your fireplace remodeling. Use distinctive designs and soon you may find your fireplace one that attracts a lot of attention and comments.
When you are considering the remodeling of a fireplace, you will do well to make sure that your fireplace is working safely and as it should. If you feel like this is too much of a DYI project, we recommend you contact your local custom fireplace dealer for advice or assistance.
Don’t forget, your dampers must be in god condition, your chimney must be clean and operating to give the necessary draft, and the hearth and grating must be in fine shape and able to withstand use. If you have a blower, it must create the least of noise. Attention to these various parts of the fireplace will ensure its safe and efficient operation. Once again if you don’t feel like this is a project you can handle, contact a professional for service.