FAQ’s from webmasters and online entrepreneurs who are interested in using press releases to promote their sites or companies:


  1. Should I submit my press release to www.MichiganPR.net?
  2. Should I submit my website to all the Free Press Release services listed below?
  3. Should I send the release to Associated Press?
  4. Can I distribute my press release by myself?
  5. Any good tips for me to get good exposure?


  1. MichiganPR.net is for press that will interest our readership which is primarily Michigan residents, business owners and consumers.  We also have a number of partners like www.MichiganBusiness.us that syndicate our news. If your press release is about real estate in California, it will probably not be accepted and is a waste of time to submit.  There are a couple of exceptions.  We run the press release portal for a number of vertical portals.  If your press release is about pets, online marketing or appliances, it will probably be accepted even if it is not Michigan local press.
  2. If your time is valuable to you, you won’t  submit to hoards of free press release sites.  Choose three or four press release websites to submit to.  One of these sites (at least) should focus either on your industry or your locality.  For example a software company in Michigan will want to choose www.MichiganPR.net, a Technology or Software release service and possibly a national syndication service.
    Choosing more than three or four websites will be a waste of time and dilute your efforts.  With the advent of websites like DIGG and Technorati, Facebook etc…, it is actually better for everyone that posts or bookmarks your press release to do it from one or two release services.  This helps move your release up higher on real search engines (like www.Google.com)
  3. Send it to the Associated Press – www.AP.org. It never hurts to try if your press release is well written. If they deem your release newsworthy enough to pick up, you just might get some media coverage out of it.
  4. Absolutely distribute the release yourself to save a few dollars.  It is not that hard!  As mentioned above, sending it to a few quality press release websites will get you on Google News and in the organic search results. Send it to your local newspaper or other media.  Send it to the most relevant journalist or editor at your local paper. Send it directly to niche or industry outlets. If you know of the top blogs, magazines, or websites in your niche, see if they have press release submission guidelines, and submit it directly to them.
  5. Add your press releases to your own website or blog. Make this your first place of submission. If you don’t have a press room, a press archive or a “what’s new” section, it is probably time to add one. Add it to del.icio.us. Digg it and even post it on your Facebook or LinkedIn profile or a LinkedIn group.  MichiganPR.net has made this convenient by adding the “AddThis Button” on the top of each page of our website.   You’d be surprised at how effective a little direct involvement and a little extra time can help get your company a ton more exposure. Got a buddy?  Exchange releases to edit.  Having someone else read your press release and edit it can really help it become newsworthy.  In exchange, edit your friend’s or colleague’s release.

List of Decent Free Press Release Services