3 Out Door Activities That People Love to Play

Here are three fun outdoor activities to try out this summer.

With the 2017 summer months almost coming, it could be a good idea to try out some outdoor activities before it gets to hot. When it comes to bonding with friends, having fun, and improving your physical health, playing any of these three outdoor activities can be an excellent way to do all of that. All of these outdoor activities will require that you have a group of people and friends to play with. So be sure that you can find the right people to play with if you want to try out any of these three outdoor activities.


This is a fun sport that can be casually played by any group of people. It has both its slow-paced and fast-paced moments, which can allow versatility in the styles that people play it. Different positions, such as the pitcher and batter, allow different people to choose what best suits them. Baseball can be a great outdoor activity if you want to spend the whole afternoon with your friends having a blast.



If you want to play something more fast-paced than baseball, you could try out soccer. Running around on a large open field, while kicking a ball, will surely get your blood pumping. You could also get more cohesive as a team because soccer requires a lot of coordination to play. So if you want to grow closer with a group of friends, a great bonding outdoor activity could be soccer. You could foster some healthy competition through casually playing this sport.


Bubble Battles

In bubble battles, you get to wear giant plastic Knockerball bubbles over your upper body. If that sounds silly, that is because it is supposed to be. You can have so much fun as you try to play other sports with these plastic bubbles over your body. In fact, you have probably laughed along on TV when you have seen Knockerball professional sports players playing bubble battles. In bubble battles, you will still be able to play other sports such as soccer. However, you will have to deal with wearing a bubble. You will be laughing so much as you bump into other people wearing your plastic bubble, and it is pretty comfortable to wear these plastic bubbles since they are breathable and will not get hot inside. If you like the idea of this sport, you can only rent these from authorized rental companies. All you need to do is search for a local knockerball rental company ex. Phoenix knockerball rental company


You can try out any of these activities if you go to the park or any wide open space, such as a soccer field. These outdoor activities can be a fun way to pass the time and to also bond with other people. If you have got friends, or if you are planning to have a little family get together, you may want to try out any of these activities. And if you are planning to try out either baseball or bubble battles, you will also need to get the proper equipment for it. You will need to get the plastic bubbles for bubble battles if you want to play it with other people. So be sure to get the right equipment, if you want a fun time playing these outdoor activities.